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Aplos Accounting Makes Donor Contribution Management Easier

Aplos Software Releases New Contribution Management App


Aplos Accounting Contribution Management App

Aplos Accounting Contribution Management App

Courtesy of Aplos Software

How Aplos Accounting Contribution Statement Preparation

Aplos Accounting is a web-based fund accounting software designed specifically for small nonprofits, churches, and other faith-based organizations. The contribution information can be updated in a three step process:

Step 1 -- Enter Donations

Enter batches of donations in the Contributions Management app. When you do this, the software will automatically connect the amount donated to the person who donated, in addition to noting which fund to which it was applied.

Step 2 -- Generate the Donor Contribution Statements

When ready to generate Contribution Statements, go to Reports and select Contribution Statements. You can choose to see a Donor's totals, or details regarding each donation they've made within the date range you select.

Step 3 -- Print Contribution Statements to Send

Print the individual Contribution Statements to send to your Donors.

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